Amelie  Duchow’s interest in electronic music grew in the 90s being close friend to several Munich DJs. Getting into a “new world” of DJing and underground clubbing, she soon started to develop her own music style, continously searching for new international electronic and contemporary sound material. In 2003 moving from Munich to Italy her slow minimal ambient sound, presented under her moniker Fräulein Amelie, entered directly into various locations in Florence. In 2005 she presents her DJ set in Italy at the “Stazione Leopolda” in Florence. Several sets follow in Italy as at the “Tune up” with Heinz Tronninger and the Dining Rooms. She joined as an artist the italian label Suite inc. participating at the label night at “Festival della Creativita’” 2006 with Murcof, Technophonic Orchestra, Drama and Tco. Fräulein Amelie was on stage in various editions of the “Music and visual festival /MUV” in Livorno and Florence, developing her sets to be strong of atmosphere by the mix of glitch, ambient and experimental electronic music. Fräulein Amelie presents her live mix set at the festival Adrenalina in Rome 2009, taking a stronger experiemtal direction mixing micorelectronic sound patterns with field recordings and minimal rythms. In 2012 Fräulein Amelie presents Pianoform a live mix set inspired by the sound of the piano. The live set Pianoform based on piano compositions is a fusion between strict time lacking sounds and abstract contemporary sonorities. In 2007 in collaboration con Marco Monfardini they launch the project SCHNITT an artistic italian/german exchange, motivated by the common interest for experimental minimal sound underlined by their visual interpretations. In 2007 the duo Schnitt releases “Pferdchen” - 12” for the Swiss label Invisible Recordings; with Registrazioni Italiane they bring out their tracks on “Minimalismo Italiano” and on the compilation Snob Night for RAI Trade. In 2008 Amelie Duchow and Marco Monfardini collaborate on the realization of Airloop 1.0 an installation and performance based on a video loop of 40 minutes. In 2010 Schnitt presents SYNCHROPATH an audio/video project focused on a synchronism as a method of composing. In 2011 SYNCHROPATH is released on DVD. With Synchropath, Schnitt participates at several international Festivals as the Elektra Festival in Montreal, the Gogbot Festival in Enschede and at the Robot Festival in Bologna. 2011 for  the presentation of  the lighting installation GROWING BY NUMBERS at the Grattacielo Pirelli in  Milan, the duo Schnitt accompanies the event with a site specific sonorization. In behalf of their participation at the International Feel Festival in Florence 2013, Schnitt presents a limited edition release of the SYNCHROPATH LP. In 2013 Amelie starts working on the project TONSTICH presenting a preview at the International Feel Festival in Florence hold at the museum Marino Marini, TONSTICH is based on the creation of a sonorous dress, an audio/video performance which explores with sounds and images the creative/industrial process of the realization of an imaginary dress which characteristics are completely entrusted to  the sound structure. Schnitt presents in 2014 the audio video performance MEMORY CODE at the festival ephil in Germany. The TONSTICH LP is released in 2014 on label SYNC and the audio video performance is presented at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence during the convention IFFTI “ Momenting the Memento”.
AMELIE DUCHOW : live video AMELIE DUCHOW : live video
Amelie Duchow nasce ad Amburgo, si interessa di musica elettronica dai primi anni 90 sviluppando il proprio percorso artistico nella scena di Monaco ed Amburgo. Nel 2003 si trasferisce in Italia dove sotto lo pseudonimo di Fräulein Amelie presenta un set caratterizzato da suoni minimal ambient. Nel 2005 fa parte degli artisti della label Suite inc. partecipando ad una serie di eventi e festival dedicati alla musica elettronica tra cui “Tune Up” e Muv. Nel 2007 in collaborazione con Marco Monfardini dà vita al progetto SCHNITT un connubio artistico italo/tedesco scaturito dal comune interesse per il suono di ricerca. Nello stesso anno Schnitt pubblica “Pferdchen” per l’etichetta svizzera Invisible Recordings/IT’S e partecipa alla compilation “Snob Night” (Video-Radio/ Rai Trade) e il progetto “Minimalismo Italiano” (Registrazioni Italiane). Amelie Duchow nel 2009 presenta un nuovo set al Festival Adrenalina di Roma proponendo una visione sonora tra micro-elettronica e field recordings. Nel 2010 con il progetto Schnitt presenta SYNCHROPATH un audio video performance basata sul sincronismo come metodo di composizione. Dopo l’uscita del DVD con Synchropath Schnitt partecipa a diversi festival nazionali e internazionali come Elektra Festival di Montreal, Gogbot festival in Olanda, Audiovisiva Festival al Museo della Scienza e Tecnologia di Milano, Robot festival a Bologna. Nel 2011 sempre con il progetto Schnitt realizza la sonorizzazione per l’installazione luminosa GROWING BY NUMBERS presso Grattacielo Pirelli Milano. Nel 2012 sviluppa il progetto PIANOFORM, un live set basato sulla fusione tra composizioni di pianoforte, suoni senza tempo e astratte sonorità contemporanee. Nel 2013 Amelie Duchow inizia a lavorare sul progetto TONSTICH presentando un preview al Festival International Feel presso Museo Marino Marini di Firenze. Schnitt presenta nel 2014 la audio video performance MEMORY CODE al festival ephil in Germania. Tonstich LP viene pubblicato da Sync nel 2014 e il progetto nella versione integrale viene presentato nel 2015 con una audio video performance presso Palazzo Strozzi a Firenze durante la convention IFFTI “Momenting the Memento”. .
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photo: Rchele Salvioli
photo: Rchele Salvioli