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photo Valentina Muscedra
With a background in art history, Gea Brown approaches to Djing by researching different musical currents in a constant intersection of history and present. Since she is a collector of Charlemagne Palestine's music creations, in her sets the drone music and the American minimalism of the 60's get in dialog with the sonorities of the recent electronic and electroacustic music. She reveals an eclectic approach by picking up also on classical music, Folktronic and tribalism, with a new interest for the vocal element coming from spoken word and sound poetry. Since 2010 Gea Brown has been part of the duo Alpin Folks which is carrying on with an audiovisual project marked by the union of drone and techno music. She has edited performance soundtracks by artists, dancers and designers.She collaborated with Radio Papesse, Datscha Radio, IUAV, International Feel, Spazio O’, Triennale di Milano.
GEA BROWN | dj set |
GEA BROWN | soundtracks / live set
HAVANALOGICA  video: Veronica Citi  live sound mix: Gea Brown  Havanalogica is a project by Gea Brown and Veronica Citi, a videomaker and photographer who,  in 2010, spent several months in Cuba in order to attend a documentary workshop at the Escuela  de Cine. About that trip a series of images and videos remain; they are irregular but all of them  similarly try to understand Havana, the pulsating heart of a complicated country, a surrealist,  socialist island searching for its identity; searching for a way to escape its political and economic  freeze.